Thursday, March 1, 2012


Our darling Paula has moved back to New Zealand. I am still here, and if you have a small job I can probably paint a white wall white for you, but big jobs are now no longer possible! Sorry!
However if you're in New Zealand, contact Paula!! She is our lady painter extraordinaire...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Editorial: Fashionable looks for Winter '10/'11 - proudly brought to you by the Lady Painters and Bauhaus.

Winter's hot new season overalls, in a fetching variety of colours, available in sizes 'fairly-large-man' through to 'really-really-quite-a-large-man-indeed'.

 And why not accessorise with a shiny new gold crowbar?
 Or perhaps try the orange-bronze bling of a new chisel?
And here is Paula modelling this season's ultimate accessory for the aspiring fashionista, the Spritzgerät.

It really is a ready-to-wear-and-use accessory. Paula has teamed it with some fetching goggles and a dust mask, but you will find numerous ways to make this look your own.

Perhaps add a ladder?

And finally, we give you our new revamped version of 50's power-frauen.

Crisp white overalls for that breezy, just-snowed look.
Note the white on white complimented by white walls, fresh snow, and a white sky out the window.

Enjoy this fashion season with the Lady Painters, brought to you by Bauhaus.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Lady Painters taking it higher, higher, hi-yah!

We were pleased to have the opportunity to paint a suite of offices in one of our favourite Berlin buildings this Winter: The Haus des Lehrers on Alexander Platz.

image sourced here

The Haus des Lehrers (House of Teachers) (1964) was designed by Hermann Henselmann. Its splendid 4-sided decorative frieze in the socialist realist style by Walter Womacka is a tribute to the teaching profession.

photo by Andreas Praefcke, Wiki Commons

image sourced here

The view as we laboured painting white on white walls was pretty schön....

Here is a photo of Biggie Smalls (our bike trailer) and I in the snow in front of the Haus des Lehrers:

Check out the sharp feature wall we painted in the boardroom...and note the original furnishings from the 1964 kit-out of the building - very chic, verrry Mad Men!